Full Scene Athletic Centre is a community based fitness center which leads the path for local members of all fitness levels to work towards their personalized fitness goals in a professional, comfortable atmosphere. Full Scene…begins with focused support, leading to progression, ending with passion.

We encourage freelance trainers to step out of the constraints of a strict, prearranged, inflexible work environment, and instead train their own clients at our brand new facility. Freelance trainers will have the opportunity to train their clients at their own discretion of hours and rates of their own personal training business through the brand new Full Scene Athletic Centre. The sky is the limit for freelance trainers who want to market and grow their own training business.

Members will enjoy our local, friendly, clean, comfortable and secure, 24/7 fitness environment. Members will have access to a 24/7 fitness center where they can expect a full service, open floor concept with a wide variety of top quality strength and conditioning equipment, along with a full line of free weights and cardiovascular equipment. Members will have the opportunity to achieve their personal fitness goals with the aid of a certified personal trainer, custom fitness programs, nutrition consulting, and accountability on progress. Full Scene will also offer our premium smoothie bar with convenient grab and go shakes.