Tynan Friesen

Tynan Friesen

Personal Trainer/Owner


  •  Graduated from University of Manitoba



  • ISSA Certified Personal Trainer
  • ISSA Strength and Conditioning Specialist
  • SBS Academy PT graduate
  • WNBF Pro Men’ s Physique
  • IDFA Pro Bodybuilder



  • Bodybuilding
  • Powerlifting
  • Strength and Conditioning


What’s Your Biggest Fitness Tip?

Educating my clients on prioritizing what matters most.

When it comes to fitness I believe in looking at the whole package.  How can I consistently get the best version of me while maintaining everything else in my life?  This is really only accomplished by having a realistic and sustainable plan and doing the work.  It’s really that simple.




Tynan has been in the health and wellness field for over 10 years working for the family business Innotech Nutrition and its parent company EMF Nutrition. He is also actively competing as a natural bodybuilder, IPF Raw powerlifter and fitness model.
For 8 years, Tynan has been working as a nutrition consultant for Innotech Nutrition. In 2011, Tynan graduated from the University of Manitoba while studying Agriculture Business as his focus, and minoring in nutrition. What was once a hobby has since transformed into a full on lifestyle and career of hands on nutrition consulting, personal training, strength programming and physique coaching Ty considers himself more of a duel- athlete competing in power lifting and  natural bodybuilding at the top level through multiple organizations.
In 2013, Tynan decided to take his nutrition consulting to the next level, which was when he commenced training and  studying under the great Dr. Joe Klemczewski. PhD. out of Indiana, United States. Dr Joe needs no introduction to the industry with the breakthrough of science based nutrition which has since gained the popular name as flexible dieting.  after working it Dr. Joe Klemczewski. PhD for 3 full seasons Tynan had desided to expand and grow his knowledge even further and expand his training mentality under the Team 3D muscle journey group learning more about the evolution of Science based training and specifically powerlifting. Tynan is certified by ISSA Sports Sciences Personal Training Program.PT, specializing in strength and conditioning. as we know contining education is of utmost importance and Tynan takes that to heart and is currently also enrolled as a student with the Shredded by science (The SBS Academy) program out of the U.k which has been creating ground breaking research-based information to personal trainers around the world.
Tynan competed at the IDFA natural bodybuilding show on June 7/2014 and won his Pro . On June 21/2014, Tynan competed at the INBF bodybuilding competition and placed 1st in the heavy weight bodybuilding class.
Tynan, along with two other natural bodybuilders, are creating a documentary entitled “The Movement” along with Sodhi Creative Film. This documentary will focus on the dedication that is required for 3 natural bodybuilders to step on stage to compete for their well desired prize; promoting a natural approach to men’s bodybuilding. This documentary was launch  January of 2016.