Full Scene Etiquette and Reminders:

Please wipe off all equipment after use; Chalk is permitted, but only when wiped off All equipment plates and bars after use.

Please unstack all weight machines and return weights to proper stations after use, place all garbage in garbage cans and turn off TV’s after use.

Please be respectful of all other members/staff in the facility

Do not let anyone in the facility during non-staffed hours.
-Facility monitored 24/7, if members found letting in non-members, a fine may be charged to you and membership may be suspended. If someone is trying to enter building without an access card, do not open door. You will be held liable. This rule will be heavily enforced due to major safety concerns for our members.

Children under the age of 15 are not permitted to use any equipment in the facility.
-It is mandatory to contact staff in regards to children under the age of 15 entering the facility PRIOR to visit (204-979-9462, please leave voicemail PRIOR to visit, and call will be returned as soon as possible).

Zero tolerance for outside personal training to be conducted in the facility
-We are a freelance training facility, and require all trainers to be a Full Scene freelance trainer and follow all rules/regulations/training requirements associated with our Freelance Options. Please speak to staff about our Freelance Training options.

No USE of SELLING of or EXCHANGE of any prohibited or illegal/banned/dangerous/ substances in the facility, or on Full Scene property. If found violating this rule authorities will be notified.

Full Scene Athletic Centre is to be used for its purpose for members to enter and utilize equipment provided. No extended loitering of the facility or parking lot shall occur.

Full Scene Athletic Centre is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

**As a Full Scene member, you have signed a legal/binding contract stating you understand, and will abide by all of Full Scene Athletic Centre’s rules and regulations upon contract commencement. Any misuse of the facility may result in termination of membership, and a fine of $150.00 as per Full Scene’s discretion. Thank you for your cooperation!