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What type of clients do you work with?

Our coaches have worked with all types of clients including (but not limited to): powerlifters, bodybuilders, physique competitors, military, police, CrossFit athletes, concurrent-training athletes, team sports athletes, and general population looking to improve their overall levels of fitness and performance and lose fat.

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How often are check ins?

The frequency of check-ins is determined between the coach and client, but we generally encourage clients to check in as frequently as they see fit. For most clients, check-ins occur about three times per week, and you will always have at least one check-in per week.


How do clients communicate with coaches?

Communication is done primarily through email and Whats App. However, if the client feels they need a more detailed answer to a question or want to discuss a topic, phone calls and Skype/video chats are also welcome.

Client Application

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