About Us

It is our passion to educate, empower and transform our clients and members by helping them embrace the flexible fitness lifestyle.

Full Scene Athletic Centre is a community based fitness center which leads the path for local members of all fitness levels to work towards their personalized fitness goals in a professional, comfortable atmosphere. Full Scene…begins with focused support, leading to progression, ending with passion.

We welcome you to our 24/7 fitness centre, with access to a full service, open floor concept with a wide variety of top quality strength and conditioning equipment, along with a full line of free weights and cardiovascular equipment.
If you’re looking for a clean, comfortable, friendly environment, to transform your body and life, look no further!

Our clientele ranges from 17 year old ladies and gentlemen, to the crowd who still look 35 (thanks to exercise and a commitment to a  healthy lifestyle!). Any, and everyone is welcome…with ONE exception…You must be ready to commit. Like…really commit to changing your life, becoming a part of a community, and getting hooked on those feel-good endorphins, time after time!

At Full Scene, quality is our top priority. If you’re tired of starting over, you’ve tried everything else, and are ready to commit to the changing your life, we have the tools for you. We offer numerous services and support to take care of the needs we see most in our community.


Full Scene Athletic Centre…”Your best starts here”. 



To educate and support others to attain their health and fitness goals while adhering to the basics, and embracing a flexible lifestyle approach.


Those who seek our guidance will learn lifelong strategies to adhere to their health and fitness goals.



As the leading experts in our industry, we educate and inspire our community about flexible health and fitness lifestyle.



  • Educate:To understand deeply the basic principles of a health and fitness lifestyle
  • Support: To understand that everyone starts somewhere; we all have different goals, but we are all here for the same reason.
  • Simplicity: Preserve the basics of exercise and nutrition, and input the basics into daily life.
  • Progress:Continuously moving forward with any goal

Working towards your goals, attaining your goals, and setting new goals is the difference between maintaining your new lifestyle, and falling back into your old ways.